Coloring Outside the Lines


When I was 16, I almost killed myself because I couldn’t be who I was supposed to be. Everything since then has been an attempt to climb out of that hole. I used to assume that I was the point of failure in an otherwise perfect system. I listened to the voices who told me I would be better if I would “only” or “just” do something different and thus be someone else.

Unorthodox Humanity isn’t about “creative types”, because that’s all of us. Unorthodox Humanity isn’t about celebrating rebellion, because we all have our own path and there isn’t really anything to rebel against. Unorthodox Humanity is about meeting people where they are, and helping them find and live the life for which they are meant. Sometimes when we are struggling to find that life and feel unsupported, thwarted, or punished for not conforming to others’ expectations it can be difficult to hear genuine feedback from the Universe about life. But that feedback is still there. It still counts.

Welcome to Unorthodox Humanity, where it’s okay to color outside the lines.

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