Edgeplay, The Self-Awareness Class

There’s this class I teach called Edgeplay.

Your edge is the threshold in a pose—or moment in seated meditation—where physical, mental, and emotional resistance comes rushing to the foreground. Reaching your edge is like applying an enzyme that ignites a reaction and magnifies your physical, mental and emotional patterns. This magnification—while challenging—allows you to see yourself (and your conditioning) with greater clarity. In short, you become conscious of previously unconscious patterns. ~Jason Crandell

How will we come to the edge?

Go looking for it, of course. In six quick weeks we will watch videos, listen to podcasts, and read some essays that send us to the core of who we are, or at least allow us to examine the story we tell from a different angle. These ideas from every corner of my Nerdvana belong to their original authors, and I hope everyone who wanders through will find value in their mash-up.


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