My Life with Monkeys

“We are not now, nor have we ever been a put-it-away sort of people.”

With this phrase I acknowledge my monkeys.

When I sit on a beautifully landscaped patio at a restaurant, sipping tea and enjoying the sun, usually I’m avoiding going back to my house. My house has tea. It has a patio with dappled sunlight, chirping birds, and a breeze. It even has my favorite tea-sipping company. “What would it take to make our patio like this one?” asked Garrett on Saturday.

“Some attention.” Some attention. Repair the pressure washer. Find the hedge trimmer. Fertilize the flower beds. Plant colorful flowers… all while avoiding cleaning up my kitchen. I even have a tree to wrap in twinkling white lights for evenings with friends.

“We are not now, nor have we ever been a put-it-away sort of people.” But what am I going to do about it? I could get angry and yell at my self, husband, and kids. I could feel oppressed, abused,  unappreciated, inadequate, or worthless. I could look for a new miracle cleaner at the store. I could wait for a better dishwasher or stove.

“I can either raise my game or I can be angry. Being angry isn’t going to get anything done.” said I. If I want my kitchen to be a certain way, if it’s important to me, what can I do to make it be so? There are five (5) people in my house and we are not by nature put-it-away sort of people. There are cooking, pan-flinging, trash-generating monkeys all over my kitchen who have more interesting things to do than clean up after themselves.

Laundry and Dishes went back in my calendar as the second scheduled thing in my day. One half-hour to swipe at my monkeys. Bless their hearts. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try something else. It would be really, really cool to wrap the oak tree in twinkle lights and sit outside on my patio on Saturday afternoons.

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