The Monkeys and Floss Picks and the Gym

I still have monkeys. There are people in my life. How did the experiment go when I raised my game?

First, it was great. The kitchen and bathrooms started looking really nice, consistently. Then I started obsessing about them staying that way, in a sort of crazed-manic-hand-me-the-vinegar-water-I-see-a-spot way. I “couldn’t” get to the gym until my morning routine was done, which had ballooned to an hour-long swiping fest. Meditation? No time. Yoga? I had to go!

I lost my mind. It wasn’t pretty.

That’s how new routines tend to go. I had a problem, tried a solution, overcorrected and then steered back to middle ground.

Now the routine looks more humane. The most important things are taken care of every day. Other stuff gets caught at least twice in the week. It’s okay. It’s enough. Small, daily sustainable actions win in the long run, and that’s what we’re here for.

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