It has been a while

We are knee-deep in the MSW Project, so deep this post was almost written in APA (6th ed) format, all my children are now FMQ on the laundry technology, and I’m tired of writing. This doesn’t count. When my brain explodes, I’m binge-watching #askgaryvee for a break. Because my field placement ended, I have an unexpected 16 hours of free time per week until the new placement’s paperwork is done. Today I attended a nifty leadership seminar hosted by the Provost’s office.

What did we learn? Paying people for expertise may be a sucker’s game. Vaynerchuk is covering the same content for the cost of my time and he’s interesting. I spent some time talking to the younger undergraduates at my table. They were there because they want to be leaders and they have no idea who they are. The speakers were talking about “leadership” and how it evolves, but the people at my table had no idea where to start. Not a clue. They took careful  notes about the whats, but made few connections and did no synthesizing that I saw. Social work is leadership. This is what I learned. Leadership with a license to bill.

The Shapely Ass Project has been completely off-line since June, which is a shame because June was a great month for me. The elimination diet was a success. Regular gym attendance delivered results physically and emotionally.

Duffy, the better speaker from today, talked about focusing on what went well and trying to do more of that. Vaynerchuk preaches about playing to your strengths and hiring everything else out. This month my effort has been focused back on sleep, working on assignments in small bites, remembering who I am and taking action.

June taught me so much. Get some sleep! Take meds like clockwork. Lift heavier than you think you can. Get some sun! Do yoga for sanity. Take my own best advice.

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