Adam and me

I have a personal trainer. Rather, a Ph.d. student who realized in PT school he would rather study brain injury is walking me through some exercises. He isn’t interested in clinical work and his personal space is remarkably large. He is an exceptionally professional and pleasant person with whom to spend an hour. It’s easy to talk about other people, isn’t it?

Today was the First Workout Day. Adam took it easy on me, with machines and bodyweight exercise, because that’s where I am.

What about my wheelhouse? Last night was an anxious one, waiting to fall asleep so there would be enough sleep so I would be up in time to be at the gym on time. However, my clothes and things were already out. There was gas in the van. Today I was 3 minutes late.

Eating today was better than it has been for a while. The anxiety is nearly reflexive. It’s the only thing in a groove. Working was soothing. My work, except for the long articles about the history of community organizing, is interesting. Do the work. Stand up often. Drink water. There is enough time.

When the spouse comes back, we will arrange for the massage therapy.

The habit for the next two weeks is Eat to 80% Full. As always, 90% compliance is the ticket to freedom.

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