Playing Against Type

Remember the Sims? The game will let you create any life you want, any life at all. There are no genuine consequences to play, except for time spent, so your Id is allowed to run free.

My Id went to work every day, came home, ate dinner and either played piano or worked out until bed. I had money in the bank, a pool in the backyard, and that gorgeous baby grand in the living room with the understated wallpaper. My Id was focused, driven, and achievement oriented. It made me happy to have a peaceful routine.

“You should own that shit.” said my friend, “Own it.”

Hello, my name is Heather and my truest self sits at a strange intersection of some constructs, which can make it seem like I’m an outrageous rule-breaking rebel who only wants to turn the world upside down. Not really. I like my life to have structure, and it has to be a structure which makes sense to me (See Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies). Right now, there is no “typical day” in my life. It is making me insane. I’m happiest digging into a research paper, writing, working out, learning new skills, introducing all of my friends to each other, and building new things. I need to own that shit and quit giving into the lie that I have to be anything but that routine-loving nerd.

There are as many ways to be routine-loving as there are people.

If tonight, while you were asleep, a miracle occurred and you had the life you wanted, how would you know? What would you be doing?

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