Most Challenging Client

Is me.

A Facebook group for trainers who work with women recently asked for case studies. Tell us about your most challenging client! Trainers immediately chimed in complaining about ambivalence, people who obviously had time but said they didn’t have time to train or eat well, clients who wouldn’t follow training plans, people who were looking for the next quick fix and trying every gimmick with their social circle, clients with stressful professional and home lives who felt they should be training…

People with feelings are challenging clients.

It is seductive, to believe a trainer can provide a client with education and the client will then immediately realize the error of his ways and eat well, move often, and lift heavy things on schedule.

People with feelings are challenging clients.

Because eating and moving can become disordered without rising to the level of the DSM 5, an apple can be not an apple and a cookie can be death. A walk in the evening air for the pleasure of a clear view of the stars is a distant memory. Everything is logged, everything is exercise, for those of us whose relationship with our bodies is troubled. I fail my body, my body fails me.

What trainers miss with challenging clients is the need to heal that relationship. There’s some education, some knowing, but mostly progress is made with feeling. If I eat better, calm down, get some sleep, go walk outside for fun, and lift heavy things on schedule, we can start re-building this relationship.

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