If I have to tell you…

Is such a chick thing. Quite by accident, today we touched on game-day mental skills. What do you need from me? Are you going to be serious? What are you going to be like? Super relevant questions, certainly worth asking and worth asking now.

I’m so glad you asked.

A performance plan begins months before actual competition. I have two events, bench press and deadlift, at this first meet. Each event has its own goal. The plates will be color-coded.


This means I know what my final bars will look like. Those are the bars to plan for. The bench press goal is 125. That’s 45 pounds of bar + 2(yellow + black). That’s why you take Algebraic Systems, so you can do math without numbers. My coach thinks bar + 2(blue) would be cool. 115 isn’t bad, especially considering last spring my left shoulder was a hot mess. However, let’s be positive here. The visualization has to include as much sensation as possible. I have to see the bar, see the plates, feel the bench on my back, smell that gym smell of plates and sweat, hear noise, listen to the official’s instruction, set my shoulders, count the bar off, feel the inhale, then the eccentric motion, listen for “up!”, and feel my chest, shelf, and core engage and watch the bar lift effortlessly through my exhale and then rack the weight. I love that thunk.

The next questions are what happened in the 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes before the lift? Make the plan, practice the plan, execute the plan.

The deadlift goal is 240, which works out to 45 pounds of bar +2(red + blue + green + change). Same process. Make the movie of the successful lift and decide what leads up to the successful lift.

I’ve had a bunch of coaches, some good, some bad. No one has ever asked what I needed to perform. Ever. It’s been a very long time since I executed an athletic performance. Best performances come from a place of laughter and stillness, just hanging out in the garage.

How will I be? The same way I’m lifting every day, Pinky. Thanks for asking.

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