The Miracle Question

It seems fitting to be pondering the Miracle Question at Easter.

If a miracle occurred, when you woke up tomorrow your life was exactly as you wanted, how would you know? What would you be doing?

I like the doing question variation. The Miracle Question is a part of Brief, Solution-Focused Therapy and it provides a quick focus on positive changes to behavior. When I applied to the MSW program, my plan was to improve my clinical skills, gain a significant credential, and return to a coaching/teaching space working in health and well-being. The program changed my perspective and made me question my priorities. Am I using my powers for good? Is what I do enough in the world?

My conceptualization of the work I prefer to do resembles an old-school number line, with executive functioning at the zero-point. My population hovers in a range from around values clarification and values-based decision-making at 5, down to acceptance of inherent worth at -10. To paraphrase Brene Brown, I don’t hang out with those people who function above a 5.


There are people in this world who can go to a Franklin-Covey seminar and walk out with a new binder and the revolutionary idea of a priority-ordered to-do list and be fine. A priority-ordered to-do list never occurred to them, they were trying to organize their lives in other ways and this is the ticket. Those for whom the binder is another frustrating tool they can’t get a grip on, we back up and move to fundamental ideas of the self-constructs and how those influence the way we relate to the world. If examining the self-constructs isn’t enough, then we have to back up to the absolute beginning and our right to a place in the world.

My preferred populations are the novice and the lost. Novices and lost people are found everywhere. They tend to wander. We tend to wander. Right now, I’m lost.

If I woke up tomorrow and my miracle occurred, I would have what I came here for, a business providing a peaceful, supportive, challenging place for health and well-being. I would work out and learn and talk to people and listen and write. There would be plants and chair swings and quiet places to be and soothing sounds like the dropping of weights and laughter and water.

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