Edgeplay Week 2 : Willpower / Habit / Mindfulness

The last time I posted the Willpower / Habit / Mindfulness content, no one watched it, which is a shame. It’s not sexy like forgiving yourself, exploring the inner recesses of your heart, or defining a compelling vision for the future. However, it is the key to making all of the sexy things work. Go with me.

Mindfulness seems to be everywhere and all it means is “paying attention”. So much of our daily life is automated. We believe we’re making choices, but we spend most of it on auto-pilot. What would happen if we slowed down and focused on one thing?

What would happen?

How would it feel to not be rushing around, physically or mentally?

When you think about being still for a few minutes, what do you feel?

Let’s experiment. Set a timer for 5 minutes and breathe. All you have to do is focus on how your breath feels. Does it tickle in your nose or the back of your throat? How does it feel when your chest or belly expand and contract? Be curious about your breath.

You have just meditated. Now let’s watch a video of Sharon Salzberg at Google.

Life is full of surprises, when we pay attention. ~Sharon Salzberg

There’s the promise of mindfulness.

The traffic, madam, is not your fault. Nor is it mine.

It just is.

When did you laugh in recognition of a truth for you?

What do you hope might be true for you?

Do you want to fight the idea of self-compassion?

How would the adoption of these ideas mean freedom for you?

Willpower. How often have you wanted more of it? How often have you admired people who have seem to have so much?

Willpower is often portrayed as a virtue. We talk about people being “weak-willed” or “strong-willed” or we bemoan our lack of willpower in a variety of situations and celebrate the triumph of our willpower in others. What is willpower?

Surprisingly enough, willpower is a supply of energy in your pre-frontal cortex and you will run out. Everyone does. The only question is when. Your power comes from understanding your willpower is finite and your strength will come from leveraging systems and habits to your advantage.

Let’s watch Kelly McGonigal talk about willpower and come back together to talk about what was surprising.

What was the most interesting?

What might be the easiest for you to experiment with?

We will leave the habit ideas for you to work through early in the week and start putting these things together before we come back.

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