Week 2 : Day 1 : Mindfulness

Tara Brach is another of my favorite meditation teachers.  This is a long talk and if you want to watch it in short bursts, please do so.

The Joy in Getting Real

Where in my life do I feel like I need to do more or try harder to be okay?

Tara’s reflections:

When were your mind/behaviors were occupied or driven by the fear of danger?

Who were you at that time?

When were your mind/ behaviors occupied or driven by the need to get more of what you wanted?

Who were you at that time? Do you like yourself when you are there?

When am I wanting something from another person to feel secure bonding? Approval, attention, attraction, wanting them to be impressed…

Who are you at that time?

..they are natural, but when they are outside of our awareness, they are like veils. They keep us from realizing who we really are. ~Tara Brach


“My prayer to god every day: Remove the veils so I might see what is really happening here and not be intoxicated by my stories and my fears.” ~Elizabeth Lessor

Be honest with yourself. Saying things out loud and having compassion for what’s real gives us room to do something else.

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