Week 2 : Day 3 : Leo Babuata, Habits Pt 2

Where do you feel like your life is “upside down”, that the most important things get the least of your attention?

This is the kind of life I’m surrounding myself with now. People who are inspired, doing cool things, a healthy life full of delicious, beautiful things.

What feedback are you getting from life that says this isn’t working for you?

Leo talks about how there was no one “ah-ha” moment that changed everything but rather a series of small changes. He also picked one thing at a time.

What has happened when you tried to change your life, finally get it all together?

What process did Leo go through to quit smoking?

  1. Identified his triggers
  2. Made a plan
  3. Committed to his family
  4. Created accountability groups and partners
  5. Set a date
  6. Was compassionate when he failed and started again.

Any time you make a change, it’s going to impact everyone in your life… If you’re making changes, people often feel threatened by them.

When you start making changes, who is going to feel threatened? Where and with who is the status quo going to be disrupted?

The first thing is learning to let go.

What can you let go of to have what you really want? Sometimes that thing is a feeling, perhaps anger or resentment or fear. Perhaps you can let go of someone else’s expectations.  Babauta talks about trading commitments related to his kids for time with his kids. We’ll come back to saying “No” again when we talk about boundaries.

At 29:00ish they begin talking about the gap, that difference between where you are and where you want to be. Defining your gap correctly, not too big and not too small, is key and we will come back to that in Week 6.

Start with curiosity. Back to mindfulness again! Even if you think you know your story, get curious. If you catch yourself saying “This is how I am” or “This is what I always do” get curious.

The only constant in life is change.

It doesn’t matter if I fail. It doesn’t matter if I don’t know anything… I’ll be okay.

His blog is here.


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