Week 2 : Day 6 : Tara Brach, Monkeys

Yes, monkeys. The joke in my household is


and we will be back to the circus again when we talk about boundaries.

In this short talk, Tara tells the story of a golf course in Calcutta. What happens when the normally well-ordered game of golf intersects with the unpredictability of monkey fun?

Why do we care?

We care because like the would-be golfers, we do things to try and stop the monkeys, remove the monkeys, or ignore the monkeys. In the end, we must acknowledge the monkeys that create random effects and adapt our game.

This week, what has been your monkey?

What did you do to try and stop the monkey? Did it work?

What would happen if you acknowledged the monkey and adapted or raised your game?

How could you try to adapt your game?

What will you do if your adaptation doesn’t work?

How can mindfulness help you identify your monkeys, even or perhaps especially the difficult ones you would prefer to ignore?

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