Week 3 : Day 6 : Shonda Rhimes, Saying “yes”

What are you going to DO?

If what you do proves what you believe, and what you believe makes this fence around the life you live, make sure you are brutally honest with yourself about what is important to you. To you. Not your mother, or your best friend, or even your partner(s). These things you do that make you who you are that informs what you do must be yours.

Shonda Rhimes writes for television. She is the person behind Grey’s Anatomy, among others, and she has some interesting things to say about saying “yes” and saying “no”.

The world is full of choices. You cannot say “yes” to everything.

Know who you are.

Know why you say “yes” and why you say “no”.

My dreams can suck it.

That’s why I’m not asking you what you want to do. Think back to earlier in the week.

  1. You don’t know
  2. You wouldn’t say
  3. Life has things in store you can’t possibly imagine

I am asking you to build a framework you will use to make choices.

Here is Steve Jobs, talking about why Apple pursued Gizmodo when they bought a stolen prototype iPhone.


Letting it slide is not an Apple core value.

Brene Brown and Oprah Winfrey talk briefly about authenticity and perfectionism.

We are doing the best we can with what we have.

Your process does not end.

Being authentic is a practice.

There is no perfect. There is no done. There is just what are you going to choose today.

Who are you?

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