Week 4 : Day 2 : Sarri Gilman, Good Boundaries Free You

Last week you pondered your values. This week we are focusing on what they look like in practice. You will never perfectly execute on your values. It’s practice. We learn from practice.

Ms. Gilman asks you to visualize a compass. This compass is powered by your values.

When have you felt your compass power up?

When you used your compass and felt resistance, either from you (usually in the form of fear) or from someone else (anger, disappointment, disbelief, shaming), what did you do?

Watch yourself go through your day. Feel for your compass, watch how it plays out. Be curious. Watch how you respond to the cues to keep on doing things the same way. Just take notes. When s/he does this… I do that. You’ll realize we have these scripts and choreographed routines everywhere. Pick a place to make a small change. Try it. You may not be successful the first time. That’s okay. Try again. Take notes. This is all very interesting.

How do good boundaries give you more room and strength?

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