Week 4 : Day 4 : Danielle Laporte, YES

I want to be free. Money’s gonna make me free. The more money you have the free-er you are. That’s not true.

How did she learn that? Through trial-and-error. Practice. Start a business, make money hand over fist, realize you’re not free, blow it up and start over.

All the betrayal and theatrics in that situation, and there was a lot of betrayal, that was a reflection of my betraying myself.

Listen for what Danielle is looking to include in her life. I hear personal freedom, service, creativity, to be seen, heard, and felt. What do you hear?

I call it the Requestus muscle.

How are these muscles, the No, the Yes, and the Requestus muscle related?

What is scary about wanting something with your whole heart?

Today is about saying “yes”.

Boundaries aren’t always about keeping the Boogieman out. Boundaries also say “THIS is me. THIS is what I choose.”

Take a few minutes and scare yourself.

What do you want in your life, in that whole-body-this-is-terrifying-how-much-I-want-this way?


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