Edgeplay Week 5 : Trust and Connection

Originally, this week’s topic was Mission and Vision statements. Pretty traditional goal-setting information.

I changed my mind.

Trust and Connection. Because beautifully crafted goals don’t pull you through when something goals wrong. Your trusted, ride-or-die friends pull you through. We talk about trust all the time.

Go back to the beginning and the middle as we approach the end. Who are you? What makes you, you?

When you step into that kind of joy, there are people who will choose to not be a part of it for a variety of reasons. It’s okay. There are people out there who will support you and stand with you as you move toward joy.

Let’s go back to Brene Brown as she talks about the components of trust. This is the research-backed, long version of the ago-old advice “To have a friend, be a friend.”

“Trust is choosing to make something important to you vulnerable to the actions of someone else.”

When you watch that Brene Brown video, she has this acronym


There is a mountain of information packed into those few words.

How do those ideas play out in your relationships?

Where do you set your boundaries to stay compassionate and loving? Do the people in your life honor your boundaries? Do you honor theirs?

How do you make sure you are reliable to yourself and others? How much reliability do you need from your closest friends?

How much are you allowed to call out your friends? Are you accountable to them?

Do you find yourself judging people and yourself? Do you ever catch you and your friends judging others?

Can you be generous with the people you say you trust? Are they generous in their assumptions about you?

This week we will look at relationships, trust and connection, with a bit of joy.

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